"This might be the best use of public domain I've seen in a video game" - Frank Cifaldi, Founder, GameHistory.org
"If you're a fan of the NES game, there'll be something here for you!" ~ Pat Contri ("Pat the NES Punk") on the Completely Unnecessary Podcast
"If you were a big fan of Cuphead’s revival of the Fleischer brothers’ animation style, this might be a good one to check out and support." - Ian Boudreau, PCGamesN
"The whole game looks to be a dream come true to fans of the little dreamer, and really nails the hand-drawn aesthetics of the comic." - Bryan Taylor, Big Boss Battle
"Absolutely gorgeous drawn artwork" - Kurt Kalata, Hardcore Gaming 101

Slumberland has been invaded by the evil Nightmare Fiends, and the royal family has summoned Nemo back after a long absence to prevent nightmares from ruling dreams forever!

Take control of 4 characters on your trip through Slumberland! The brave Nemo, the magic-wielding Princess, the mischievous clown Flip, and the agile royal guard Peony - an original character created for this game!

Each character has unique ways to attack and explore. Players can switch between them quickly to create powerful combos and find hidden areas!

Wake Nemo up and explore his house, featuring rooms with hidden items, artifacts to make your characters stronger, and production artwork!

Features gorgeous hand-drawn animations as a tribute to animation and comics pioneer Winsor McCay, including characters and scenes from his work reimagined for modern audiences!